Our Guarantee
  Client Satisfaction Guarantee:

Receive your choice of Truly Free Credit Card Equipment, the Lowest Credit Card Processing rates on your payment processing and our Client Satisfaction guarantee. Our services and your satisfaction is guaranteed in writing. We know that the future of our industry relies on helping merchants grow their business. Each of our merchant service packages is proven to increase sales and lower costs. There is nothing hidden. We believe that helping your business succeed will ensure our success as a company.
Free Credit Card Equipment Free upgrade to IP/DSL Processing Free Shipping and Overnight Replacement on your Equipment
Free Gift Card and Loyalty Marketing program Free Speed Pay reader Free Check Guarantee/Conversion service and equipment
Free Debit Service and Pin Pad Free Ecommerce Software Client Satisfaction Guarantee
Our Guarantee (we like to keep it simple):
  Free Credit Card Equipment   Lowest Credit Card Processing Rates available
How do we do it?
We offer more Free Credit Card equipment packages than any other company. Because of our sizable customer base we have partnered with the industry’s leading payment processing equipment manufacturers to offer a TRULY FREE terminal program. It’s that simple. Just like the Satellite and cable companies we have decided to absorb the expense of equipment for our merchants so that you, the merchant, can receive the latest and greatest in equipment and will never have to pay for terminal upgrades or replacements. We’ve got you covered and we have thousands of satisfied customers to prove it.
Is it truly free?
Yes. Please review the details of our Free Terminal Placement agreement. Through our Free Placement program, you will receive a choice of Free Payment Equipment options. We will work with you to select the packages that will work best for you. All of our Free Terminal Placement programs come with a FREE Replacement Terminal program that gets overnight shipping to you at no Additional charge.
You must charge more for rates.
Actually, you get the lowest rates for your payment processing, guaranteed in writing. Once again, based on our sizable client base, we have the ability to offer rates/fees that other companies cannot match. Like saving money? Talk to us about what we can offer.
Where’s the catch?
The catch is that we want your business. We offer the most comprehensive merchant services program in the industry with Free Equipment, low credit card processing rates, superior support and we have grown to become one of the largest providers in the U.S. That works for us and we plan to continue to provide the best program in the Industry.