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TMS offers a wide variety of top-of-the line credit card equipment for your credit card processing needs. Whether you have a retail storefront, restaurant, hotel, or a service business, your customers expect you to accept credit cards. TMS offers special wireless credit card processing terminal programs for limo services, contractors, landscapers, tree services, HVAC, locksmiths, trade shows and flea markets.
Terminals Pinpads Printers Check Readers
  Verifone Tranz 380
The Tranz 380 is a proven terminal that offers the merchant the ability to accept all major credit cards. It is compatible with nearly all processors on the market today. The Verifone Tranz 380 handles the basic needs of a retail or mail order merchant flawlessly. The Verifone Tranz 380 will support a printer which can be added at any time. The Tranz 380 works perfectly with the Printer 220, 250, or 900. It also offers you the ability to take debit cards with the addition of a Verifone PIN Pad. The Verifone Tranz 380 has a poweprful 128k RAM which supports more sophisticated applications such as AVS (Address Verification System, used for phone and mail orders). The extended memory of the Verifone Tranz 380 also allows you to store more transactions in the terminal memory before having to batch out, making it ideal for merchants who anticipate a high amount of credit card volume.
  Verifone Vx570
The Vx 570 from Verifone has the capabilities to meet all of your current and future payment processing needs. It has the built-in support for dial-up or Ethernet. Merchants with broadband service already installed can immediately process payments through the always-on connection. Smart and stylish, the Vx 570 has an intuitive, ATM-style interface and bold menu prompts to reduce help desk training time, support and costs. And its anti-glare, white backlit display provides exceptional readability. A USB memory drive allows for instant software downloads. The Vx 570 is PCI PED and EMV Level 1 and 2 approved to offer the most reliable security available. The Vx 570 contains a built-in thermal printer and a locking power cord to eliminate inadvertent disconnections.
  Hypercom Optimum T4100
The Hypercom Optimum T4100 point of sale credit card machine supports both Ethernet (high speed internet) and dial up connections. By processing through the Internet, it allows merchants the option to eliminate costly additional phone lines dedicated to their credit card machines. The Hypercom T4100 is perfect for merchants looking for extremely fast transaction speed. Its powerful Intel XScale 32-bit processor delivers the fastest transaction times in the industry. The T4100 also uses a thermal printer with drop-in loading, eliminating paper jams. And with the thermal printer, you never have to buy ink or ribbon! It has "one-touch" capability for daily functions making it extremely easy to use. The Hypercom Optimum T4100 is the perfect balance of performance and security for your business’ electronic payment needs.
  Hypercom S9
The S9 from Hypercom is compact, comfortable and convenient. PIN-based payment transaction devices from Hypercom are cost effective and simple to use. The S9's hand-fit and easy features maximize efficiency and responsiveness. It contains a bright, backlit display with large number keys for easy of use by your customer. The S9 meets every security and network integration standard – it's PCI-PED approved and triple-DES-capable. You have the choice of DUKPT or 12 master / session keys in one secure package. Three optional configurations let you move up to an integrated chip card reader, magnetic stripe card or combined chip / magnetic stripe card service. And its complete software makes for easy integration with your existing POS terminal or ECR system. Providing a secure solution for the most recent PCI mandates. The Hypecom S9 is ideal for convenience stores, drug stores, gift card retailers, prepaid locations, restaurants and specialty markets.
  Verifone Pinpad 1000se
The Verifone Pinpad 1000 lets you accept secure ATM debit card processing through most existing Verifone terminals. The Verifone Pinpad 1000 features an easy-to-read eight character display that lets your customers confirm the correct purchase amount has been entered. The 12 key keypad offers tactile, audio, and visual feedback for each PIN entry. Swap out your old Verifone Pinpad 1000 for a new Pinpad 1000Se with every Merchant Account. We'll Encrypt & Deploy a Pinpad 1000 SE FREE of charge to you and even pay for the shipping back of your old Pinpad 1000.
  Hypercom S8 Pinpad
Accept ATM Debit Card Processing through your existing Hypercom T7 series terminals with the Hypercom S8 Pinpad. The S8 Pinpad features a sealed housing and impact resistant construction so it will be reliable and long-lasting.
  Nurit 8000
The Nurit 8000 point of sale mobile terminal is a handheld machine that enables fast, secure, error-free wireless credit card processing transactions for merchants. The Portable Nurit 8000 multi-application platform supports a range of payment & value-added services including credit and debit card processing, T&E, EBT, smart cards, prepaid, loyalty, gift & proprietary cards. The Lipman Nurit 8000 machine is great for business management solutions such as inventory control, dispatch, delivery, etc. This portable processing terminal supports a variety of cellular networks including GSM/GPRS. The Nurit 8000 mobile credit card machine includes an easy-to-load thermal printer, a touch screen, built-in Pinpad, and EMV smart card reader. The Nurit 8000 portable credit card terminal machine assures continuous wireless credit card processing payment transactions. Take your business with you everywhere you go with a Nurit 8000 point of sale wireless terminal machine.
  ViVOpay 4000
The Paypass ViVOpay 4000 contactless payment device from Visa Master Card provides a variety of mounting options for functional and physical integration into POS systems and a merchant’s checkout layout. The Paypass ViVOpay 4000 is designed to provide easy, convenient, and safe transactions in limited space counter environments such as quick service restaurants (QSR), convenience stores, car rental facilities, movie theatres, ticket booths, retail outlets and hospitality areas. With the Visa Master card Paypass device known as the ViVOpay 4000, merchants with certain POS systems will be able to start accepting contactless cards and key fobs; generating 20% larger ticket value and a 20% shift from cash and checks to quick contactless payments. ViVOpay 4000 is compatible with MasterCard® Paypass™, Expresspay™ from American Express® and Visa® contactless payment programs.
  Verifone Omni 3740 / 3750
The Verifone Omni 3740 / 3750 machine gives you the choice to process transactions over a standard telephone line or for better efficiency, process using your High-Speed Ethernet Connection through a broadband router. The Verifone Omni 3740 / 3750 terminal machine packs performance, convenience, and an exceptional range of payment capabilities for your credit card processing. The Verifone Omni 3740 / 3750 credit card processing machine is a compact, all-in-one design that combines a mag-striped reader, internal Pinpad, and quiet, fast thermal printer. This makes the terminal easy to install and keeps your countertop clutter-free. And because it runs Verifone’s Verix multi-application architecture, you can support more than just one electronic payment transactions. The Verifone Omni 3740 / 3750 credit card terminal has storage capabilities of up to 12 businesses on one machine.
  Verifone Omni 3200
This terminals sleek, compact design minimizes clutter & saves counter space. The Omni 3200 has an integrated thermal printer that is exceptionally quiet and fast, producing receipts and reports at 12.5 lines per second. This Verifone credit card machine has a triple-track card reader that supports all magnetic-striped cards, including new drivers licenses. The Verfione Omni 3200 credit card terminal machine supports credit and debit card processing, electronic benefits transfer (EBT), and electronic check transactions, and can be upgraded to handle smart card-based payments.
  Verifone Omni 396
The basic model has twice the capacity of most transaction systems. This large memory also allows merchants to add new applications without having to upgrade to a more powerful system. And since the Verifone Omni 396 comes with three ports, it can handle a variety of peripherals—printers, Pinpads, smart card readers, check readers or bar code wands—and still link up with a PC or an ECR. The backlit display allows the user to read data in any light. And the screen is tilted at a natural angle, making it easier to see the display. With its fast 2400-baud modem, the Verifone Omni 396 substantially improves credit card processing transaction time. Occupying less than 6 inches by 6 inches, the Omni 396 packs a powerful combination of features into one space-saving package. When you combine these new features with the flexible operating system, the Verifone Omni 396 credit card processing terminal is more than a machine; it is a convenient and cost-effective way to move into the future of automated transaction systems. Re-program your Omni 396 at no cost with Merchant Payment Services.
  Verifone Zon JR XL
Compact and easy to use, the Zon Jr XL credit card machine performs fast, efficient credit card verification, check guarantee, and data capture for specialty and convenience stores, gas stations, and other retailers. The Zon Jr XL point of sale processing machine supports standard credit card authorization and check guarantee as well as a wide assortment of data capture and applications running on most major networks. So easy to use you can bring a new clerk up to speed in minutes, Zon Jr XL displays large, legible numbers and letters. It provides simple, clear-cut prompts that guide users through each transaction. And it is available with custom keypad overlays that are designed specially for your applications. It is a great inexpensive backup machine and is perfect for a merchant account business.
  Verifone Tranz 330
The VeriFone Tranz 330 is the most popular credit card processing terminal in the United States. More merchants have used the Tranz 330 then any other terminal as there POS system. It can accept all of the major credit cards. Its simple operation is perfect for small merchants, yet many larger merchants use the Tranz 330 as well. This box unit terminal is a great backup machine and can be added to your line of point of sale processing equipment at a very affordable price. If you want to own your credit card processing terminal equipment, rather than lease, this the right option for you and your business. This point of sale system will cut your initial overhead of buying expensive credit card processing equipment. Add a P250 or P900 printer and a Pinpad 1000 for a complete credit card processing POS system.
  Nurit 8320
This extremely versatile Nurit credit card machine includes a secure built in Pinpad, high speed internal modem, and quiet but fast thermal paper printer. It also has a magnetic card swipe reader, Smart Card reader, and privacy shield. Merchant retailers with frequent PIN transactions may prefer the convenient option of a credit card processing terminal plus external debit card processing Pinpad for added customer security. A multi-application credit card processing terminal supports the use of a multitude of applications, including EMV credit and debit, loyalty, gift and proprietary cards and enables value-added applications. Meeting all of the MasterCard and Visa PED requirements. The 8320 from Nurit assures secure transactions as well as secure software downloads, prevents inter-application data access, and is tamper-resistant, tamper-evident and a tamper-responsive point of sale credit card terminal system.
  Nurit 2085
The Nurit 2085 point of sale credit card processing machine is ideal at restaurant merchant accounts for Restaurant credit and debit card processing, guaranteed check acceptance, electronic benefits transfer (EBT), phone cards and other electronically submitted transactions including those made with Smart Chip Cards. The 2085 machine is user friendly and offers fast transaction speed thanks to its high-speed built-in thermal printer that also eliminates the need for costly ribbon replacement. The Nurit 2085 features a large, high contrast alphanumeric LCD display and menu-driven software that, together with four programmable function keys, allow users to access every feature of the terminal easily and quickly. Setup your next retail or restaurant merchant account with a Nurit 2085 card terminal.
  Hypercom T7-Plus
The Hypercom T7-Plus is the next generation version of the Hypercom T7 model. The Hypercom T7-Plus is a credit card processing machine that has enhanced peripheral connectivity. EMV-compliant credit card processing software and new smart card support are all available. The Hypercom T7-Plus credit card terminals' operation is quick and quiet. This point of sale machine supports longer paper rolls decreasing paper changes. With a new SureLoad printer, credit card processing paper jams are eliminated. The Hypercom drastically cuts printing of credit card processing receipts time. With triple track reader, this machine reads driver's licenses for positive ID. The Hypercom T7-Plus credit card pos machine can attach to an external Pinpad when required. Hypercom T7 and Hypercom T7-Plus models both available from Merchant Payment Services.
  VeriFone PCCharge
If you already use your PC for POS business functions, why not use it to accept payments as well? VeriFone’s PCCharge software makes it simple for any business in North America to support PC-based payment processing. It turns any PC into a payment-accepting device, without interfering with other programs. The Windows-based application offers intuitive menu screens with action buttons that guide you step-by-step through the point of sale software program. PC Charge supports a wide range of peripherals, making it easy for you to accept all payment types, including credit, debit, EBT, check processing, gift/loyalty and more. Learn more about the PC Charge product that’s right for your business!
  Verifone Printer 250
The Verifone Printer 250 delivers higher performance for businesses. The P250 printer uses the same commonly available three-inch wide paper. The P250 prints receipts at a speedy 2.1 lines per second in two colors. The Printer 250 is perfectly suited for medium transaction volume merchants who need a reliable unit to print receipts. All Verifone printers are compatible with all Verifone terminals. The standard for performance, reliability and adaptability. The Printer 250 meets the needs of more merchants than any other point-of-sale printer. Can interface with non-Verifone terminals. Uses easy-to-change drop-in ribbon cartridges.
  Verifone Printer 900
The Printer 900 is Verifone's fastest printer and is perfect for businesses that have high transaction volumes. By adding a separate motor for paper advance and a print head that prints in both directions, the Printer 900 prints at 3.7 lines per second. The P900 has a print head life expectancy of 100 million characters, and a mechanism reliability of 2.5 million lines mean cycle between failure so it is one of the most reliable and fastest printers on the market. The P900 use commonly available three-inch wide rolls of paper.
The Manual Imprinter takes an Imprint of the card and makes a receipt. If you have a business where you deliver goods on delivery and ask for a credit card you would need this as a receipt of the card being present. It would help on Big Ticket Items to get an Imprint of the card in order to show the presence of the card being there. For each in-person sale that you make you will want to imprint the customer's credit card on a manual sales draft using a manual imprinter. Known in the old days as a "Knucklebuster" by many merchants because of their poor design, the new imprinters are designed for ease of use and safety. The main reason why you will want to imprint the customer's credit card and have them sign the sales draft is because this will allow you to meet the requirements of major credit card providers should the customer attempt to dispute that the sale took place. By imprinting the card you can prove that the customer was physically present and authorized the sale. This will help eliminate the customer charging back the sale and will provide you a written record of the transaction.
  Mag-Tek Check Imager
This Mag-Tek Check Imager has all the functionality and compatibility as the Verifone CR 1000i check imager. It can connect to a Hypercom T4100 or an Omni 3740 / 3750. Not only can it process checks through a regular analog phone line, but it is also capable of processing through a high-speed Ethernet connection. You can now securely process your checks through your Internet connection. The Mag-Tek Check Imager will guarantee your personal checks and upload an image of the check as it converts the sales amount to your bank account just like a credit or debit card transaction. This wave of the future check acceptance is called Electronic Check Conversion.
  Verifone CR 1000i
The Verifone CR 1000i check imager provides an easy and efficient way to take advantage of the wide-ranging benefits of check conversion and check imaging at the point of sale (POS). With the Verifone CR 1000i, you can quickly and conveniently convert paper checks into secure electronic payments. This greatly reduces the costs associated with handling, processing and collecting checks. The Verifone CR 1000i can be cost-effectively integrated into virtually any retail environment.