Online E-Commerce
A big part of the credit card processing is the online merchant also known as Ecommerce. The whole credit card merchant account field is growing every day and keeps renovating itself. The system gets better, the technology moves forward and the service gets more efficient and as a result the waiting lines in your average retail register gets shorter.

Progress and growth in our field is most noticed in the eCommerce/online division due to the rising of the online retail. The ecommerce region of our business is the one with the fastest and newest additions. It’s also a field with an endless potential in the future, for service, timing and of course technology which means better platforms and more variety of services and options for the online merchant and much more… More and more people today take the step for starting a small business on their own, either from their own home or their new office.

At The Merchant Link we focus on the eCommerce field and supply the best in online credit card processing, if its our service, our rates or timing, we have a whole department devoted to the online merchant. In addition to that we are proudly introducing our Epack program.
The Epack is a package program that includes everything an online merchant needs to get started accepting credit cards online.
It is the best solution for the starting online merchant and includes all the services needed from scratch to an operating website with a shopping cart, online credit card processing to the charge deposit in the merchants account.
Instead of running between a web designer, a programmer (for building the shopping cart) and us, we offer all of those services for you in one place, no communication problems, faster and for a better package price. Epack means we set everything for you, even logo if needed.
Accepting credit card online
  The most basic section of the Epack is our ability to receive your application for online services, process the application, if its an online, phone, or even fax application in a very short time and give you the capability of accepting credit card and all card services.

This is the main part of our Epack and the basic option we offer to all of our eCommerce regardless to the additional options we put forward with the Epack, but as a section in the Epack process it’s the last stage of the Epack.
Website design
  As part of the Epack services at The Merchant Link we offer a website design for your product or service.

This is an essential part of your business, which actually makes you an online merchant. Instead of searching for a web designer to help you setting up the website and designing it, paying more money for a disconnected link for all your online charging which is the most mandatory part of your business, we offer the best in website design from basic to state-of-the-art web-design.

Our website designers will build for you your website and design it to your product needs and your needs.
Shopping cart
  In order to purchase any product or service online, the website must have a shopping cart.

Shopping cart is the section on the website in which your customers will enter their credit cart details in order to process the transaction. Our shopping cart comes with AVS- address verification system, which protecting you from a fraud of any type in addition to our fraud prevention program.

To make such shopping cart a programmer is needed, so again instead of running between the web-designer and the programmer we can cover it all. This is an additional service we offer in the Epack program.
  If you just started your business and you need a logo.

If you never had one, or just want a better one now that you start working online, our web-designers will brainstorm a logo to your needs and liking.
Epack is the complete product for the starting online/ecommerce merchant and includes all the details that make online shopping possible.
A starting online merchant has to have those elements, we just bring it all under our roof so the merchant can enjoy fast professional and safe product.