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TMS offers a wide variety of top-of-the line credit card equipment for your credit card processing needs. Whether you have a retail storefront, restaurant, hotel, or a service business, your customers expect you to accept credit cards. TMS offers special wireless credit card processing terminal programs for limo services, contractors, landscapers, tree services, HVAC, locksmiths, trade shows and flea markets.
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 Hypercom S9
The S9 from Hypercom is compact, comfortable and convenient. PIN-based payment transaction devices from Hypercom are cost effective and simple to use. The S9's hand-fit and easy features maximize efficiency and responsiveness. It contains a bright, backlit display with large number keys for easy of use by your customer. The S9 meets every security and network integration standard – it's PCI-PED approved and triple-DES-capable. You have the choice of DUKPT or 12 master / session keys in one secure package. Three optional configurations let you move up to an integrated chip card reader, magnetic stripe card or combined chip / magnetic stripe card service. And its complete software makes for easy integration with your existing POS terminal or ECR system. Providing a secure solution for the most recent PCI mandates. The Hypecom S9 is ideal for convenience stores, drug stores, gift card retailers, prepaid locations, restaurants and specialty markets.
  Verifone Pinpad 1000se
The Verifone Pinpad 1000 lets you accept secure ATM debit card processing through most existing Verifone terminals. The Verifone Pinpad 1000 features an easy-to-read eight character display that lets your customers confirm the correct purchase amount has been entered. The 12 key keypad offers tactile, audio, and visual feedback for each PIN entry. Swap out your old Verifone Pinpad 1000 for a new Pinpad 1000Se with every Merchant Account. We'll Encrypt & Deploy a Pinpad 1000 SE FREE of charge to you and even pay for the shipping back of your old Pinpad 1000.
 Hypercom S8 Pinpad
Accept ATM Debit Card Processing through your existing Hypercom T7 series terminals with the Hypercom S8 Pinpad. The S8 Pinpad features a sealed housing and impact resistant construction so it will be reliable and long-lasting.