About Us


A current registered ISO and ETA member that demonstrates exceptional commitment to moving the industry forward, exhibits high ethical standards, and had met industry challenges with demonstrable results.

Total Merchant Services

In 1996, with limited knowledge and experience but a vast amount of passion and vision, Edward K. Freedman created a small independent sales organization that today is ranked as one of the Top 25 ISOs in the payment processing industry. Total Merchant Services is headquartered in Colorado with an impressive, state-of-the art 25,000 sq. ft. facility. Counting over 150 employees and over 1,500 sales partners servicing over 100,000 merchants, Total Merchant Services processed over $7 billion in transactions last year and pays over $30 million in commissions every year — accurately, and on time. Total Merchant Services has long been the salesperson's advocate and has developed focused programs, systems and support designed specifically for their benefit. They also offer innovative, cost-effective, high-quality solutions for their merchants.


Since 1996 of history in the bankcard business, Total Merchant Services has identified great ideas in the marketplace, and then improved upon them. When Heartland Payment Systems introduced the concept of interchange based cost structure, providing sales partners with revenue sharing opportunities on all revenue streams, Total Merchant Services took the idea and improved on it by adding no liability to its sales partners for merchant losses.

But by far, the most exciting program Total Merchant Services introduced was one of the first of its kind – a comprehensive Free Terminal Program that allows sales partners to sell, lease or place some of the industry’s leading technologically advanced terminals, including wireless. Since May of 2005, this innovative, ground-breaking program has worked great in both a thriving economy and a challenged one. Total Merchant Services has proven that it’s a sustainable, long-term strategy for the company and its sales partners, especially in a struggling economic environment where selling POS terminals, POS systems or software in the current economic environment has proven extremely difficult.


Total Merchant Services didn’t invent every type of program, but this ISO has taken them to the next level because they’re always looking for those hardworking MLS who want to take the journey with them. TMS’ corporate focus has always been and will remain doing the right thing and erring on the side of the merchant and sales partner. Everyone knows know what to do, but how they do it is what sets TMS apart. It is all about execution. Total Merchant Services treats all their employees, vendors and business partners the way they want to be treated. The way Total Merchant Services does business and the way they treat people is truly their defining quality.


Total Merchant Services truly understand the word ‘scale.’ They have not only achieved scale but have set the bar when it comes to seamless, smooth running economies of scale.


Despite scale, Total Merchant Services has remained focused on what has made them so successful, namely personal relationships and personal attention. In today’s challenging market, this ISO is big enough to provide world-class service and support, as well as reliable and accurate residual reporting, but small enough and well staffed enough to provide personal attention to every one of their valued salespersons and merchants.


Finally, not only has Total Merchant Services been committed to supporting the industry, but it has also provided extraordinary support to the Electronic Transaction Association. Total Merchant Services has attended every ETA event in the past 10 years. They sponsored the Pub-ISO event at the 2008 ETA Conference as well as the After-Glow party in Chicago at the ETA Mid-Year Event. For the past five years, Total Merchant Services’ CEO Ed Freedman has been an active member of the Board of Directors of ETA and most recently, Secretary of the Executive Committee of the ETA. He has conducted numerous seminars for ETA, hosted panels at national and regional association meetings and has been a guest speaker at virtually every conference throughout the country. Additionally, in support of the industry, Total Merchant Services advertises on the back cover of every issue of Transaction Trends magazine, on the back cover of Transaction World magazine, and a 2 page center spread advertisement in every issue of The Green Sheet, and GSQ Quarterly magazine.

Total Merchant Services has been a leading advocate for sales professionals and exemplifies what it means to be an ISO pioneer in the payment processing industry.